Supermoon, First Day Of Summer 2013 Features Awesome Night Sky

The first day of summer 2013 is marked by another thing of which we Earth dwellers can’t seem to get enough, which together with the summer thing is a perfect excuse for a Supermoon party. The first day of summer’s Supermoon sounds like one of those overblown sky phenomenons we hear about every few weeks, but the event is a genuine if subtle one.

The moon will be biggest and brightest to human eyes tonight, inspiring the Supermoon moniker, so it’s not doing any tricks for us per se. If your first day of summer plans involve Supermoon pics, LiveScience spoke with a photographer who tells us why moon pictures, for lack of a better word, generally suck.

Noting that a long lens and tripod are essential for moon pics, Mrachina says that if you plan on taking Instagram Supermoon pics with your iPhone or Android, you’re going to have a bad time:

"If you take the photo with a camera phone, or a wide-angle point-and-shoot without an optical zoom, you’re going to be unhappy because the moon is going to look tiny in the image. With too wide of an angle, you don’t get much of the moon to fill the frame."