Taylor Swift Reveals Her Favorite Red Lipstick

Taylor Swift‘s red lips are a style we can always count on from the singer and she’s got a new staple in her makeup kit. Buy her favorite shade below. "I recently discovered Ruby Woo by M.A.C., which I think everyone knows. I was the last person to discover it," Taylor told People magazine in their July 13 issue.

You can get the highly-pigmented shade for only $16. Ruby Woo is definitely a cult favorite, and also inspired Rihanna‘s collaboration with Viva Glam. Her collection included a lipstick called RiRi Woo.

A girl after my own heart, Taylor also spills on her affinity for sparkles. "I really like the way light hits sparkles," she told People. "It turns everything into a fancy situation. There are a lot of sparkly elements to my 1989 tour. I loved playing the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, so I took inspiration from the costume designers and how brilliant they are with glitter."