The Sharper Image Shows Off Products At CES

The Sharper Image may no longer offer retail locations, but they were in full force with new products at CES, however I wasn’t all that impressed with what they have to offer.

The first product I spotted was their alarm clock butler, which basically provides a polite British voice to wake you up. Honestly, I need a harsh beeping noise to even realize my alarm is going off, so the unit does me very little good.

On the other hand the device offered a very bright, easy to read display which I have to admit I was impressed by, I could even read the display from 20 feet away without any eye strain.

The Sharper Image also showcased a wireless MP3 player dock that allows users to sit their units in a dock then wirelessly transfer audio to a mirrored speaker inside their shower, a great way to listen to your favorite tunes without ruining a perfectly good phone/media player.

You’ll notice that it shows the date an dtime plus the low and high temperatures for each day with a special section for the current days weather. It’s really simple to input your location information and the system can be seen clearly from across the room. It’s a simple piece of hardware but it’s well executed.

I also spotted a few soundbars from the company. I would like to say the sound was breathtaking, but in terms of the bass and treble levels I was only o.k. with what they offered. The units also aren’t as sleek and sophisticated looking as I’ve come to expect from Sharper Image. Here’s a look at a few of their soundbar devices.

Finally I checked out the plug and play iPhone | iPod wall dock which allows users to easily plug in their units and play sound from even small areas in cramped quarters. The sound again is decent but nothing to write home about, however for such a small portable unit it was adequate.